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East Sweden Medtech is a dedicated team of professionals with experience in clinical operations, the commercialization of new products and expertise in the creation of new innovations

ESMTs personal samlat vid ytterdörren till ESMT's lokaler på Universitetssjukhuset i Linköping.
Porträttbild av Terese Källberg.

Terese Källberg

Operations Manager

Terese has extensive clinical experience as a nurse anaesthetist, an Executive MBA from the Stockholm School of Economics and a keen interest in development work in healthcare. She has a unique ability to identify needs in the healthcare sector and match these needs with innovative solutions.

+46 70 283 8442

Anna Fahlgren

Operations Manager

Anna has extensive experience in applied clinical research while working as a professor in experimental orthopaedics. She has helped start companies in the medtech industry, which has provided a strong insight into the challenges of commercializing medical technology research.

+46 73 620 9474

Porträttbild av Anna Fahlgren.
Porträttbild av Peter Hult.

Peter Hult

Project Manager

Peter has over 20 years of experience in the medtech industry and holds a doctorate in the subject. Peter has initiated and led several large national initiatives in a collaboration between academia, healthcare and industry and has been actively involved in the start-up phase of several companies. He also has experience creating arenas where needs meet solutions to create benefits in the healthcare sector

+46 70 259 2926

Anders Brodin

Project Manager

Anders has a strong background in the medical technology sector. Anders is also a serial entrepreneur who has helped create a variety of technical innovations, which has helped him develop the skills needed to be a keen observer and translate needs into new technological innovations.

+46 13 281811

Porträttbild av Anders Brodin.

Annika Bergström

Project Manager

Annika has extensive experience of quality and development in health care and has held a leading position as one of Region Östergötland’s Officer on standby. Annika has also been active together with governmental and voluntary organizations in international healthcare assignments. Still active clinically and focused on finding patient care solutions.

+46 13 282365

Mattias Elg

Project Manager

Based on his role as a professor, Mattias has extensive experience in a variety of research fields such as quality management, visualization, decision-making, and methodology for data analysis. As the former center director of the HELIX research center at Linköping University, he has engaged in intensive collaboration with businesses, non-profit organizations, and public institutions. This collaboration has aimed to translate quality improvements into solutions for real problems.

013-28 44 01


East Sweden Medtech was founded in 2020 by Linköping University and Region Östergötland. The purpose of the initiative is to make it easier for the healthcare industry to introduce new solutions to meet identified needs by applying the triple helix model of innovation.

Linköpings universitets logotyp i bred variant.

Region Östergötlands logotyp.

Steering committee

East Sweden Medtech’s steering committee includes regional political leaders, deans and vice chancellors from LiU, a development director and research director from Region Östergötland, as well as representatives from industry. The committee aims to bring together regional and national experts with shared competence, knowledge and authority in the political sphere and our three cornerstones – healthcare, academia and industry.

Marie Morell
Politician (M), chair of ESMT, regional councillor and chair of the regional board in Region Östergötland.

Lena Jonasson
Dean of the Faculty of Medicine and Health Sciences at Linköping University and member of ESMT’s presidium.

Per-Olof Brehmer
Deputy Vice-Chancellor of Collaboration and Campus Development at Linköping University.

Kaisa Karro
Politician (S)  opposition councillor and 2nd vice chair of the regional board in Region Östergötland.

Frida Lundmark
Policy expert, LiF.

Ulf Melin
Dean of the Faculty of Arts and Sciences at Linköping University.

Anna Lefevre Skjöldebrand
CEO of Swedish Medtech and chair of Medtech4Health.

Mats Ulvendahl
Director of Research, Region Östergötland

Johan Ölvander
Dean of the Faculty of Science and Engineering (Institute of Technology) at Linköping University.


ESMT collaborates with a wide range of actors in academia and industry. We work in collaboration with a number of these actors and several are involved in the steering committee, either as members or adjuncts.

De forskande läkemedelsföretagen, LiF, logotyp.

De forskande läkemedelsföretagen (The research-based pharmaceutical industry) (LiF).
The trade association for the research-based pharmaceutical industry in Sweden.

Visit LiF online.

Swedish medtechs logotyp.

Swedish Medtech
The association for medical technology in Sweden.

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Region Kalmar läns logotyp.

Region Kalmar County
Responsible for healthcare and regional development in Kalmar County.

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Region Jönköping läns logotyp.

Region Jönköping County
Responsible for healthcare and regional development in Jönköping County.

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