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To address the needs of healthcare, we require knowledge. East Sweden Medtech captures research that can be directly linked to these needs or applied to develop an innovation in the business sector.

East Sweden Medtech has a close connection to Linköping University. We have strong contacts with individual research teams and with the entire innovation support system within the university.

This enables us to link important research results with the needs of healthcare, find the right people to connect, and test new solutions to existing needs. With our focus on healthcare needs, we can seek answers in interdisciplinary solutions or in disciplines other than the expected ones.

We stay informed about new research grants in the healthcare field, challenge bottlenecks in research, and validate research by connecting new technology with users in healthcare.

We have a clear working model for matching knowledge with needs:

  • East Sweden Medtech contacts researchers: When we identify a need in healthcare, we utilize all our resources within academia to find the research that can address the need.
  • Researchers contact East Sweden Medtech: When researchers have knowledge they believe can benefit healthcare, we review our collection of identified needs and contribute with our network within healthcare.
  • East Sweden Medtech can collaborate with research initiatives in strategic areas at LiU when there is a desire to match research with healthcare needs.

Can your knowledge be useful?

Do you have knowledge that you think could be useful in healthcare? Or would you like to know more about existing needs? Or are you curious about how East Sweden Medtech can assist in your research?